Coming to Melbourne again in 2020

The Concept

re-edge is a conference for showcasing the latest trends in the real estate industry. Presently, most of what is new involves some kind of technology so re-edge naturally has an innovation and technology flavour. Our secondary theme is marketing because the tech often helps us reach our customers in innovative ways, particularly via social channels. The re-edge presenters are real people working on, in or with the trends on show. re-edge is for all real estate agents who want to learn how to work smarter.
The latest technology
What are the apps and services used by successful agents and businesses and how is technology changing our daily lives in the real estate industry?
Best-practice trends
The classic way of doing things isn’t always the best. Discover how others are achieving similar or better results by tweaking their approach to agency practices, staff and management.
Get motivated to change
Be inspired by the personal and real paths of those who have done things right and gain from their experience in learning about their mistakes and recovery.