2020 Tech & Trends

20/20 vision for the real estate industry

20th March 2020 – Crown Promenade, Melbourne
24th July to 14th August – Online
RE-edge 2020 and COVID-19

RE-edge 2020 was planned to be held at Crown in Melbourne earlier this year on March 20 and it was cancelled with only 4 days notice due to COVID-19.

With restrictions and health practices still in force, RE-edge is back on in an online format. We proudly have 8 of our 9 original speakers and the original content is almost identical. And as an added bonus, without a venue, the cost to attendees is also significantly less at $100 per ticket.

Conference Concept
RE-edge is a conference for showcasing the latest trends in the real estate industry. Presently, most of what is new involves some kind of technology so RE-edge naturally has an innovation and technology flavour. Our secondary theme is marketing because the tech often helps us reach our customers in innovative ways, particularly via social channels. The RE-edge presenters are real people working on, in or with the trends on show. RE-edge is for all real estate agents who want to learn how to work smarter.
RE-edge 2020 (online)
The latest proptech

What are the apps and services used by successful agents and businesses and how is technology changing our daily lives in the real estate industry?

Best-practice trends

The classic way of doing things isn’t always the best. Discover how others are achieving similar or better results by tweaking their approach to agency practices, staff and management.

Motivation to change

Be inspired by the personal and real paths of those who have done things right and gain from their experience in learning about their mistakes and recovery.

Who should attend?

Short answer – everyone.

All real estate agents can benefit from this conference. RE-edge is all about embracing the often simple tools, apps and methods that agents can use to attract more vendors and landlords while turning your buyers and tenants into your brand ambassadors.
In addition, the RE-edge speakers understand the demand for increased results without an increase in fees so working more efficiently – usually with technology – is a huge part of modern real estate training. Working smarter and not harder is the key and as a result, every team member in your agency can achieve more.

Watch the 2018 Highlight Video

The 2018 RE-edge conference was a huge success. If you missed it, this video will show you the highlights.

Our Speakers

Industry presenters professionals

The 2020 RE-edge speakers have again been chosen for their experience and expertise in being industry-leading in the digital space, in particular, marketing with visual and engaging media.
John Hellaby
John Hellaby
Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional

As one of only a handful of Facebook accredited marketeers in the Southern Hemisphere, John has proven time and time again that he is as the absolute pinnacle of his game as a digital marketing strategist and social media lead generation specialist. Don’t call him a guru though, John prides himself on being a practitioner, the guy that just gets in and generates results.

As a speaker John brings a no nonsense approach to demystifying the sometimes complex world of online and social media marketing and one day with John is often enough to set the attendee up with the knowledge they need to implement their own strategies and become not just competitive but dominant in their field.

Fatek Chamma
Fatek Chamma
Chief Experience Officer, Propic

Fatek has held numerous Director & GM roles with Domain Group, Globe Telecom (Philippines largest telco) and Telstra over the past 10 years.
With extensive experience in CX strategy, customer success and customer contact management, Fatek is focussed on delivering an ever-evolving customer experience that results in customer advocacy at the highest levels.

Lisa Novak
Lisa Novak
Power Agent, Novak Properties

Awarded The Most Innovative Woman in Real Estate 2019, Lisa is well known & awarded as one of the top agents in the country for selling property for record prices & record time frames off market & too directly off her social media, amidst many other platforms, including the generic property platforms, often for $0 marketing spend to vendors. Quoted by John McGrath as ‘one of the best examples of selling properties in this environment’, Lisa brings to the table endless years of experience in the real estate sector with both marketing & managerial skills under her belt as well.

Patrick Hill
Patrick Hill
CEO, Realm Australia

Heading up Realm Australia is CEO, technologist & futurist – Patrick Hill. Patrick’s past two years have been focused on the continued growth and development of the technology available in the Real Estate industry and specifically, the Property Management sector.

With the release this year of AI technology offering, CLAIRE@Property Realm, the company has been catapulted into the spotlight. Recent involvement from a large investment group has enabled the fast-tracking of further development of the first true AI driven digital assistant in the property industry. Working with multiple major and boutique brands, Patrick is highly motivated to collaborate with industry leaders to get the highest quality outcomes for their businesses.

Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee
Director & Principal, Plum Property

Starting in the industry in 2007, Daniel Lee began his career with a major franchise before starting his own agency in 2016. With the use of social media and quality video, Daniel has become well known for his different and sometimes quirky approach to marketing and his efforts toward being ‘different’ have not gone unnoticed. Daniel runs a large successful team of real estate agents and property managers. He is a high achiever himself and in 2020 was a Finalist for the REIQ sales person of the year, whilst his company Plum Property was also a finalist for the REIQ Large residential agency of the year.

Tara Christianson
Tara Christianson
Branding Specialist,

Tara Christianson is REA’s branding specialist with a first-hand knowledge of the power of the online world in real estate. A world-renowned speaker, Tara regularly presents at industry events on technology trends, online content and digital strategies. She also works with individual businesses to ensure that they are utilising technology to their best advantage. Tara’s passions lie in enhancing the efficacy of online profiles, offering ways to create and continue relationships online, and empowering real estate agents and agencies with the tools they need to succeed in their businesses.

Joel Davis
Joel Davis
CEO, Stafflink

Joel Davis is the Managing Director of Image Property and has been part owner of the Image Property Group since 2010. He has dedicated his career to real estate and is proud to lead a team of professionals in property management and sales for a diverse list of property investors from Queensland and throughout Australia.

Having worked as a Business Development Manager himself, Joel was able to single-handedly bring on over 450 managements in one year. Now as a business owner, his BDM team continues to grow by 40 properties a month on average. Joel’s passion for real estate has been recognised by industry peers, working alongside Real Estate Academy as a key speaker and is evidenced in his impartial advice to tenants, property investors, property vendors and buyers alike. His expertise extends across residential property management, valuation and property investment and sales.

Joel’s decision to expand his own team offshore three years ago is one he and his team celebrate today. That decision has led to an almost 30% increase in profit and created the structure, systems and clarity that have enabled staff to excel and Joel to comfortably step out of the business and into his next venture, Stafflink.

Julie George
Julie George
Million Dollar Host

Considered to be a leading worldwide expert in Airbnb, Julie has built a hugely successful Property Management business on the back of the sharing economy ($5.5million dollars in 2.5 years).  Her bestselling book Million Dollar Host shares her story, secrets and tips of how others can also replicate Julies success without necessarily owning any property.  Recently Julie sold her unique Short Term Letting Company and ‘rent roll’ of Airbnb properties.  Julie has been featured on Channel 7, Nine News, Domain, Sydney Morning Herald, Brisbane Times and many other media outlets.

Peter Brewer
Peter Brewer - the MC
That Peter Brewer

After 40 years as a high-performing professional business person in the property industry, 10 years as Board Chairman of one of Queensland’s largest real estate marketing companies, and current Chairman of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland, Peter Brewer has transitioned his professional career to now being one of Australia’s most respected digital media strategists for small business, licensed clubs and the real estate industry.

Peter understands digital media. He knows what works and what doesn’t. As a veteran Ambassador for the USA Based Inman News Organization, Peter is renowned as one of the most influential and authoritative people in today’s online marketing world.

Speaker Topics

Digital Presence
Tara will discuss how your personal brand online should match your personal brand offline and how you can leverage your brand to reach and educate your potential clients. And you've probably heard of Dan Lee or Plum Property - that's a digital presence!
Social Media
John is a Facebook certified media planning professional, he knows his stuff and is going to demonstrate how you should be thinking about Facebook marketing and most importantly why. Dan will talk about his awesome following and Lisa will share her innovative ideas on how she has achieved record sales in record time via social media.
Sometimes it is hard to know what the good apps are. Industry gurus always have great apps to share and, in particular, Peter & Tara have been known to share what they regularly discover too.
Lisa’s videos on Facebook are enabling her to offer her vendors a chance to sell their properties fast with $0 marketing budgets. Dan will share his unique style of video and talk about his success with it and the other speakers will touch on this topic as well.
Julia has embraced disruption like no other in creating an extremely profitable business based on AirBnB. Lisa is embracing Facebook's reach by selling properties with $0 marketing budgets. Joel wears many hats, he is a Director of a successful real estate agency and is also part of Stafflink which is an outsourcing company with a difference. He will share ideas around outsourcing and how it can assist businesses by saving money, and increasing productivity.
Machine Learning & AI
Fatek will open the conference with an insight into the future of the real estate industry as well as an insight into the current state of AI and data. Patrick will discuss where technologies regarding AI are going and what it means for real estate. He will also discuss Property Realm's AI, CLAIRE, a new AI employee for the property management industry.
Conference Agenda

This post-COVID-19 conference will be held over 4 Fridays
– Friday, 24th July
– Friday, 31st July
– Friday, 7th August
– Friday, 14th August

10:00am – Peter Brewer

REIQ Chairman and Real Estate Digital Strategist, Peter Brewer is the RE-edge MC and will begin the conference at 10:00am.

10:15am – Fatek Chamma

Fatek Chamma from Propic will discuss his take on the future of artificial intelligence and the data that many agencies already have and what both can do for business improvement and growth in the real estate industry.

11:00am – Tara Christianson REA Group

How does your personal brand online match up with your personal brand offline? Are you consistent in your presentation of important information a potential client may use in their decision-making? This presentation will cover the online areas you should concentrate on, including the best digital media channels to use to leverage your brand and the content your clients are actually interested in, so you can maximise your online presence.

11:40am – Peter, Fatek and Tara

An interactive Q&A session with the Day 1 speakers before the conference closes.

10:00am – Peter Brewer

MC, Peter Brewer, will begin Day 2 of the conference at 10:00am.

10:15am – Patrick Hill Property Realm

Patrick will discuss the latest capability of Artificial Intelligence and what the near future holds and what drives the innovation of AI in our company for the real estate sector. What is available today and in the near future for real estate.

11:00am – Daniel Lee Plum Property

You’ve probably heard of Dan Lee from Plum Property even if you’re nowhere near his marketing area. You’ve probably also seen his videos and through his story-telling, you’ve probably also felt compelled to buy the properties he is selling! In Dan’s presentation he will talk about how you can use video to effectively:
– Get a better result for your clients
– Elevate your profile
– Get you more business
– Create a fan base and large audience of followers

11:40am – Peter, Dan and Patrick

An interactive Q&A session with the Day 2 speakers before the conference closes.

10:00am – Peter Brewer

MC, Peter Brewer, will begin Day 3 of the conference at 10:00am.

10:15am – Lisa Novak Novak Properties

Innovation is nothing new to NOVAK Properties. They took out the 2018 Most Innovative Agency, Australia by REB & in 2019 Lisa NOVAK was awarded the most innovative woman in real estate also by REB. Having built the most outstanding real estate headquarters on Tue Northern Beaches of Sydney, they resemble that of a 6 star hotel, complete with an anti pasto bar & indoor garden. Next on their list was to become social media power houses offering $0 marketing strategies! Now 23 sales later right off the back of social media, Lisa will share her innovative ideas on how she has achieved record sales in record time frames via social media. These concepts are super easy to adapt coming from a person who has had zero technology experience. It’s a great Q & A session you don’t want to miss.

11:00am – Julie George Million Dollar Host

In this session Julie will share her success story of building one of the most successful property portfolio’s on AirBnB and her unique Property Management structure that can be adapted by existing real estate agents. Learn how to diversify your current business structure to include the very popular short term letting model that Julie has created and property owners LOVE!

11:40am – Peter, Lisa and Julie

An interactive Q&A session with the Day 3 speakers before the conference closes.

10:00am – Peter Brewer

MC, Peter Brewer, will begin Day 4 of the conference at 10:00am.

10:15am – Joel Davis Stafflink

Virtual Assistants have become a huge part of many office strategies to become more efficient and effective in today’s marketplace. The problem is many companies don’t know where to start. Joel from Stafflink will share how they managed to get an almost 30% profit increase in their owner real estate agencies by outsourcing staff, the team behind Stafflink came together and decided to help others do the same. It comes down to having the right workflows in place to enable agents and property managers to focus on what matters most in their work day.

11:00am – John Hellaby The FBM Academy

John will be demonstrating how you should be thinking about Facebook marketing and most importantly why. He’ll be showing you where real estate as an industry has been missing a key step and how you can take advantage of this gap to take the lead in digital marketing in your market. He’ll be giving you actionable skills that you will be able to walk away and implement into your business immediately.

11:40am – Peter, Joel and John

An interactive Q&A session with the Day 4 speakers before RE-edge finishes for 2020.

Industry Exhibitors

Conference sponsors in the exhibition hall Property Insurance Plus Smarthouse Australia MyConnect Realmatic Inspection Express StaffLink

What you said about 2019

Real testimonials and comments from the first RE-edge conference.

WOW, had a great day of learning, when can we do it again. Loved the day. ~ I’m now thinking about the customer and the need to be innovative and also engage in a way the customer wants. ~ Great speakers! ~ This is the first time I’ve been to this kind of event and I loved it! Great implementation. ~ The change in marketing made tangible. ~ The venue and food was terrific and the content was very relevant to current trends. ~ Congratulations on your 1st RE-edge conference, your drive is amazing. This is my 4th conference under the Mitchell PT brand and you have again provided engaging speakers and an information overload! Can’t wait to go to PM Reach 2019. ~ I liked the future and forward thinking and also having things that be applied now into the business. ~ Great location, fantastic and room and engaging speakers. ~ Relevant and very useful, practical content. Well organised. ~ Thanks for a great day Hayley & Warren. Excellent vision and presenters. Made me think critically about tech within our space. The best value conference in years! ~ Educational and entertaining. Day of training went super quick! ~ Useful info and inspiring speakers. ~ There was a lot to take back to the office about videos & social media. ~ Very well organised and great speakers! ~ What a great conference. So much content, implementation techniques and overall, a great learning tool. Excited to implement! ~ Very interesting sessions – lots of marketing ideas.

Conference Tickets

(online Zoom registrations)

TAS Agents: This event is registered with the Property Agents Board for 6 CPD points (Codes: 1820, 3072, 3073, 3074)

When: Friday July 24 @ 10am to 12pm
Friday July 31 @ 10am to 12pm
Friday August 7 @ 10am to 12pm
Friday August 14 @ 10am to 12pm
Where: Online via Zoom
Tickets: $100 (for all 4 days)
Cancellation Policy: Full conference refunds are available up to 23rd July 2020. No refunds will be available for cancellations received after 5pm on Thursday 23rd July. Cancellation requests should be sent to

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