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The Concept

re-edge is a conference for showcasing the latest trends in the real estate industry. Presently, most of what is new involves some kind of technology so re-edge naturally has an innovation and technology flavour. Our secondary theme is marketing because the tech often helps us reach our customers in innovative ways, particularly via social channels. The re-edge presenters are real people working on, in or with the trends on show. re-edge is for all real estate agents who want to learn how to work smarter.
The latest technology
What are the apps and services used by successful agents and businesses and how is technology changing our daily lives in the real estate industry?
Best-practice trends
The classic way of doing things isn’t always the best. Discover how others are achieving similar or better results by tweaking their approach to agency practices, staff and management.
Get motivated to change
Be inspired by the personal and real paths of those who have done things right and gain from their experience in learning about their mistakes and recovery.


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Conference Speakers

The 2019 re-edge speakers have been chosen for their experience and expertise in being industry-leading in the digital space, in particular, marketing with visual and engaging media.
Steve Carroll
Director Industry Relations, REA Group

For more than 20 years, Steve has been at the forefront of the digital media revolution and has held senior roles in online advertising with three of the world’s leading media companies.

Steve joined global online advertising company REA Group in January 2010. He is regularly the voice of the company on how technological change is transforming the way consumers buy, sell and rent property. Steve was a key note speaker at AREC 2018 and is a frequent visitor to the USA to research the latest trends.

A highly sought-after presenter both within and outside of the real estate industry, Steve has an in-depth knowledge of how businesses around the world respond to rapid changes in technology, social media and consumer behaviour.

Ready to prove to you how digital tools can increase sales and evolve company business models, Steve's ideas will challenge you and your team to take your digital strategy to the next level.
Steve Carroll
Kylie Davis
Kylie Davis
CEO, Real Content

Kylie Davis has been described as a ‘data queen’ - whose research helps agents, property managers and principals better understand their customers, their markets and themselves.

As the author of seven landmark reports into the real estate industry, Kylie is a champion of lifting professional standards and future-proofing the industry. She is a passionate advocate of the importance of delivering excellent customer experiences across all levels of real estate and is a keen observer of the technology and trends that are changing how we work.

Kylie has a 25-year career working in media at both News Corp and Fairfax - together with four years at CoreLogic. She has an MBA from the University of NSW and is the author of several industry books.
Lochie Daddo
Director, DPS Media

With a passion to tell and share stories, Lochie has been a professional television presenter and producer for over 20 years. Throughout this time, he has worked for all the major networks, covering all genres from entertainment, travel and current affairs.

During his career, he's worked with everyone from Politicians and Heads of Business to the world’s biggest entertainment stars - he has the experience and knowledge to bring out the best in people from all walks of life.

As director of DPS Media, his time is divided between executive communication coaching and producing, directing and writing engaging video content.

Lochie's passion for working with people and the real estate industry sees Lochie also working as an auctioneer with McGrath Estate Agents.
Lochie Daddo
Dave Skow
Dave Skow
Director, Re/Max Elite

Raised in the Riverina region of NSW, Dave Skow has a real estate career spanning over 17 years and has held roles in property management, franchise management and training for the Real Estate Institute NSW. Opening Wagga Property Management as a sole operator in January 2014, Dave achieved phenomenal growth, listing over 800 managements in just 4 years of operation. Now leading a team of sales and property management professionals and enjoying the continued growth of RE/MAX Elite, Dave is passionate about business development & growth, and imparting his knowledge and experience to other operators throughout the country.
Tara Christianson
Technology & Training Director, Century 21 Redwood Realty

A long-time advocate and early adopter of online technology in real estate, Tara now pursues her passion to help individuals and companies in real estate in the U.S., Australia and NZ. She also works with small businesses, teaching them to utilise technology to their best benefit.

Tara is an internationally-known speaker, digital strategist, trainer, and copywriter. She is currently the Technology & Training Director for Century 21 Redwood Realty in the Washington, D.C. area, Editor and Writer for Happy Grasshopper, and works with companies like the National Association of REALTORS® and the Real Estate Institute of Queensland.
Tara Christianson
Kirk Pereira
Kirk Pereira
Growth Builder, Thankyou

Kirk started volunteering with Thankyou in 2011, door-knocking at cafes and pitching to retailers to make the switch to Thankyou. Now as Thankyou’s Growth Builder, he’s responsible for growing wholesale in the retail space and managing corporate and commercial partnerships.

Having grown up surrounded by poverty in India, he’s determined to see the end of global poverty and loves that he can combine his passion for business and impact in his role at Thankyou. He’s a big believer in creating balance to avoid burnout. For him, that’s watching soccer at an ungodly hour and playing golf every Sunday.
Alister Maple-Brown
CEO, Rockend

Alister Maple-Brown is the CEO of Rockend, the leading property services software provider in ANZ. After completing his business studies overseas, Alister held a number of roles in the worldwide sales division at Inktomi, a rapid growth software business in Silicon Valley.

Joining Rockend in 2001 in the role of Sales Manager, his charter was to grow the revenue and expand the customer base, before moving into marketing and then onto product development. In 2012 Alister transitioned into his current role of CEO.

Alister continues to champion further technological advances at Rockend to ensure that it provides customers with relevant and innovative products and solutions.

Alister is also dedicated to a number of philanthropic ventures on behalf of Rockend, including Oz Harvest and the Australian Indigenous Education Fund, an indicator of Alister’s core belief that access to ongoing education is critical to every person in our society.

Outside of Rockend, Alister’s time is spent with his family, playing tennis when he can and discovering new technologies and gadgets.
Alister Maple-Brown
Troy Townsend
Troy Townsend
Tiger Pistol

Troy has an immense passion for technology, specifically in how technology can help improve traditional marketing tactics and provide overall channel lift.

Troy’s strong background in the advertising, marketing, and PR spaces has lead him around the globe working on world-class brands such as Emirates Airlines, Pepsi, American Express, and Kimberly Clark in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific.

While working for an interactive promotions agency in Canada, Troy recognised the importance of incorporating tailored technology and smart data analysis into a brand’s marketing strategy. He moved back to Australia where he set up Insured Creativity for Australia and New Zealand.

Troy recognised a gap in the marketplace for businesses to use social media to provide overall channel lift, and founded Tiger Pistol in 2011. Since then, Tiger Pistol has been recognised by Facebook as an innovator and was awarded the prestigious title of Facebook Marketing Partner. The business has expanded from its head office in Melbourne to offices in Austin, Los Angeles, and London, and services thousands of local businesses and global brands. Seeing tangible results for industry leading brands motivates Troy to push the boundaries of traditional and digital marketing.

The MC: Peter Brewer

REIQ Chairman – Digital Trends Speaker – Trainer – Industry Mentor

After 40 years as a high-performing professional business person in the property industry, 10 years as Board Chairman of one of Queensland’s largest real estate marketing companies, and current Chairman of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland, Peter Brewer has transitioned his professional career to now being one of Australia’s most respected digital media strategists for small business, licensed clubs and the real estate industry.

Peter understands digital media. He knows what works and what doesn’t. As a veteran Ambassador for the USA Based Inman News Organization, Peter is renowned as one of the most influential and authoritative people in today’s online marketing world.

Retained by some of Australia, New Zealand and the United States largest real estate companies and associations, Peter shares cutting-edge insights and his sometimes-controversial views on what is ‘the next big thing’ in digital marketing. He’s unfiltered, he’s passionate and he’s speaking at your conference!

Peter Brewer

Conference Program

Our full conference program will be finalised and announced soon.
Dominate Digital
Steve Carroll will be sharing the latest digital trends that are shaping the Australian real estate industry. His thoughts and ideas will stretch your mind and inspire you to take your digital strategy to the next level.
Getting Robot Ready
What is at stake in real estate in Australia if we decide not to embrace innovation? What is the cost of ignoring the technology? Kylie Davis will look at the improved customer experiences that robots and AI offer and provide some real examples of how bots are being used right now by agents.
Video: The Rules of Engagement
A highly engaging and interactive session from Lochie Daddo designed to give you an insight into the power of video within the real estate industry, and how you can harness this to build your brand, engage your audience, and share your story.
Dominate Market Share Through Video
Dave Skow achieved unprecedented organic growth in his business, growing his rent roll from scratch to over 800 properties in just 4 years. In this session, Dave will give you his tips on what to do (and what not to do) when selling your story on video and show you real examples of how video has been implemented successfully in his business.
Rising Above Average Online
Take a look at the use of your CRM, email marketing, your website, and your social media presence. On a scale from, awful to excellent, how would you grade yourself? Tara Christianson will be sharing some examples of both awful and excellent approaches she has seen regarding the use of databases, email marketing, websites, and social media and, in the process, will share tips and tricks to make all your online efforts in these areas easier and more efficient.
How to Use Content Marketing to Build Your Business
How is content marketing different to the other marketing that agents do, and how can you keep track and make the most of all the different kinds of content you're supposed to create? Why do you even need it? Kylie Davis will discuss what the latest findings from the Content Marketing in Real Estate research and step you through how to create a content marketing plan to implement easily in your business.
Moving Houses on Facebook
In Troy’s session about social media marketing, he will focus mainly on Facebook. He will discuss the importance of mobile and mobile-friendly marketing and content, how to grow with discovery and how to gain more attention through relevance. He will also talk about what you need to do to create a solid Facebook strategy for your business.
The Thankyou Journey – Finding Your ‘Why’ and Remembering Your Roots
Kirk Pereira started volunteering in 2011, knocking on doors and pitching to retailers to switch over to Thankyou. A year-and-a-half later he came on board full-time and has helped transform Thankyou into a successful social enterprise that has committed over $5.8 million to water, sanitation, food, safe births and healthcare programs across 20 countries to date. But alongside Thankyou’s goal of eradicating global poverty, Kirk shares the importance of finding your own ‘why’ to pull you through life’s inevitable ups and downs.


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